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A confused generation in Colombia

Every change that happens in our world is an important issue that appears in the news, radio, social media and in every street you cross. We are all all ar in the need to know what’s happening every day. While the world is turning, and days passing, the globalization is something that is impregnating us everytime. That concept is used to explain the unavoidable exchange of knowledge, information, products, brands, language and everything that makes up a culture from all countries.

The globalization is a result of a world that is always advancing. It has a lot of opinions and critics that defend or oppose this economy process. Colombia is the 4th globalized country in America Latina by Ernst & Young (E&Y) investigations.

The knowledge is changing and moving everyday, but at some age you supposed that culture was always static, but a problem with the globalization is that sometimes affects the natural rhythm of a country. People are fighting with this problem. For example the language is something that characterize a place. In Colombia words like “ok”, “sorry”, “chef”, “marketing”, “gourmet”, are common used by people. The social media uses English language for an action of the applications, software languages, and all related with technology.

People in Colombia used to spend time with their family in all ages since kids and oldies. In the past Colombian mothers used to stay at home to care for their children, they didn't work because they prefered to rise their children before a job. The kids used to obey all the parents’ rules and it was a relationship with a big respect from each other. When parents get old, their sons used to take care of them till the day they were alive. As a result of the globalization the relationship between parents and children is changing because a nursery home is an option for the parents right now, also mothers at this age have a job to respond even if their kids are babies, in many families the housekeeping is the one who rises them. In recent years they are given a different education without the older concept of a “family”, the respect is being replaced by “success, independence and money”. Those things are gaps in the link between them.

Another important issue is the marketing and shopping in Colombia. A big amount of foreign brands are commonly chosen by Colombian people than the national products. The western world is changing cultures and I think minds too. For example you can watch how big the lines are for eating in a place that sales foreign food. There are some exceptions but it’s interesting how an identity of a country is being lost as a result of globalization.

For the aspect of knowledge, there are some Colombian schools that the English is the most important thing than the other subjects, as the other languages.

Like I said before, there are so many things that this process can transform, and it is hard to find a balance in a western world. Culture and our identity is something that should stays even if there are lots of transformations around us. This shouldn't be a problem if the new generations can find a key for this difficult balance.

By Laura Tabares Hernández


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