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Movie review: Girl, interrupted.

With the title of the movie you can imagine a lot of things, but I think this movie passed all my expectations, the result is a piece of art. This film is an American psychological and dramatic movie from 1999. The film is based on a memoir same name from a writer Susana Keysen, about the chronicles of where she spent 18 months in a mental institution. It’s a film directed by James Mangold and produced by Douglas wick and Cathy Konrad.

The film starts with a confused life from Susana (Winonna Ryder) at her 18 years old. Her parents always asked the reasons about her behavior, but one day a doctor visited her because her parents wanted to know a diagnostic for all of these problems. They decided to send her to Claymoore Hospital, a mental institution where most of the movie takes place. In that place she meets a lot of friends like Lisa (Angelina Jolie), Daisy (Brittany Murphy), Polly  (Elisabeth Moss) and others with different mental issues like anorexia, schizophrenia,  drug addiction, anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder. In that hospital the main character “Susana” gets a name that explained her behavior “Border Line Personality”. Lisa, one of her friends convinced her to avoid the medication, and they started to have different adventures in the hospital and out of it, showing scenes charged of emotions like sadness, happiness, confusion, hate or love.

I have seen this film like three times and the part that I always enjoy is when all the girls wake up at the middle of the night and go into the files office to discover what diagnostics have received all of them. There’s another part when a girl with several burns in her face starts to cry one night and Susana and Lisa sang to her looking for her calm, and it worked. Like the title of the movie in Spanish “Inocencia interrumpida”, it’s an innocence in all of these girls that are trying to understand their worlds, and that’s why Susana fits in the place and made an excellent friendship with all the girls. One of my favorite characters is Lisa, interpreted by Angelina Jolie who won an Oscar for best supporting actress in 2000. I think she did an impeccable acting as Winona Ryder. It was an excellent cast choise for the movie.

If you haven`t watched the movie, you need to. For me it’s a piece of art because when you finish the film you keep thinking about the details and the message behind the scenes. A mental illness is a suffering that sometimes people don’t understand, there’s a world for everyone and I think this film tries to explain it. I think the director and all producers have worked really hard for this special movie and while you are watching the movie you can see the results.

By Laura Tabares hernández


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