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Once upon a time: That Pinnochio's software

That Pinocchio´s Software.

  • Oh man, here we go with another awful day - Gepetto said.

That's how he used to start his days. But, stop” this is not a “once upon a time “ story. This is my life. explained by me. Gepetto, like an old story that I remember.

So. In 2040 I was an only grandfather that lived in the last apartment of an old building, my family never visited me since I moved from the nursery home. My favorite hobby was to spend time on social networks, sitting in my couch with a bunch of popcorn and beer, my belly grew up faster in those days.

So in my boring life I started to think in a better occupation to do during the popcorn time and I want to mention that when I was young I graduated from system engineer and I liked to invent things like applications, one of them was “Tinder” that became a good help for meeting people in those days. actually, that’s how I met my wife.

The quiet days were passing slowly but I decided to fabricate someone, like a company, a robot company. So I invented all the necessary software and structure for my new robot. And I created a little kid with a lot of characteristics like how to smile, talk, dance, hug, listen, and everything like a normal human. His name is Pinocchio. I say “is” because is still alive.

Pinocchio was an incredible boy, I mean, an adventure and crazy boy. In our house there was a lot of visits because of him, most of pets and robots from the avenue used to came to our house, I wasn't alone anymore, he had that quality that I don't have “being outgoing” and I felt like I had a new child again, and of course my family didn't know about him.

One day he wanted to visit the mall with some friends that he made. and for sure I didn't remember to put in the system “teenager needs” but I didn't pay attention to that and I agreed.  when I  was working on a new image for him in the computo box (Like a human computer that you can control with all your body) I realized that I didn't put a limit for the automatic update of the software.

Pinocchio went out because he wanted to destroy a big company of ships because at that time he was a member of the revolutionary robots. So, that day he started to do bad things like telling lies to everyone with the intention of hiding the plans of that group like robbing virtual banks and all this stuff. “My creation was a mess” that's what I thought. I tried to convince him to be a good robot but Pinocchio already had a new configuration full of hacker files. But he didn't know that when he was doing a bad thing, he was losing parts of the structure, the robot body.

I didn't know anything about him after that noon. But two weeks later an ambulance brought Pinocchio to the house because he loosed all of his pieces, there were only his head and a piece of his torso. I started to cry when I received my child like that. And he was sad too.

In that moment he was regretted about what he did, he told me that he won't do a bad thing anymore, and I convinced him to stop. I remade all of his body and the software, and he was really thankful because of my dedication and care.

Pinocchio became in a good robot, and we build a better father-son relationship. He grew up and he learned the lesson. Right now he's living in Africa and he has a lot of great actions like take care of the kids there. Every day we talk through video call and I always remember him to be a good robot.

And me… I also became in a good old man, I called my family after that and right now we hang out every weekend because I learned the meaning of the good values and the importance of the family too after the experience. Thanks for reading.


Gepetto Smith.


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