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A technical problwem

Laura's question:

Hi David! Are you bussy? I need your help! My copmputer is not working well. It freezed. So, i`m trying to restart it but i don't know how to do it. Out of curiosity, could you help me or can you come to give me a hand?

David's question:

Oh no, I was going to ask you for help the display crashed out of the blue and it doesn't change if I connect to another screen.

Laura's Answer:

Well, have you tried to take out the battery of your computer? Spin it and you will find an extractable part, that's the battery, take it out and wait a half hour and then put it again and turn ln the computer, if it doesn't change you should find a technician. I hope you can fix it

David's answer:

press and hold the power button, depending on your computer model it should restart,  and if it doesn't turn it on again, then I suggest doing a system info, which the problem should be highlighted red or could have been an charged ion that shot to your motherboard, if it is that then nothing you can do. Best of luck to you.

By Laura Tabares Hnernandez


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